Sunday, September 27, 2009

First post

As you will quickly find out,  this blog will be mostly about stocks, investing, the economy and occassionally about my life, my views and things that you and I find useful or funny. It will contain weekly economic analysis, weekly stock analysis, monthly economic/market view, monthly portfolio recommendations, This is my first post.

The "first" of everything is almost always the best experience. Remember the first date? The first kiss? The first time in Disney Land? The first job? The first pay check? The first time you take a plane? The first home purchase? All the heartbeat, blood rush, novelty leave a memorable trail for many years to come.

Yeah, I am sure many of us might also remember,or would rather forget that time we cried our hearts out the first time we gave our hearts to somebody who didn't love us back. The unspeakable tear at the chest the first time someone we love passed away. The hopelessness the first time we were rejected.The feeling of futility the first time we were laid off. The disappointment the first time we failed a test and the embarrassment that would stick to us for the rest of our lives the first time we peed in front of little friends on the first day in kindergarten.

Every "first" has its unique place in our memory. The nervousness, the anxiety, the excitement, the pain,the pleasure and the best of all, to me, the hope. The hope that this time. The hope that it will be good, or it will be better than last time, or even the hope that it will be extraordinary.

It is with this hope that I start writing a blog again. Yes, I said,"Again.". I have had posting a few posts here and there in the last couple of years but lacked the discipline to last despite some very good responses from readers.

However, talking about stocks is one of my loves that has not faded after a few years (Well,there have been many other loves of mine that couldn't last for longer than a few days). Same goes to sharing it with friends and people who share the same love as me.

Some of you may wonder how this time can be different. Well, I don't know for sure. Just like investing on our own, we wouldn't know until we try it. The more we try it, at least to some of us, the more we know how to make it work. But one thing I do know and have learned in the past is that interactions and exchanges keep me charged. Along the way, I would hope that you all will play a role in getting this going. If you see something useful, toss an applause. If you have something to say, feel free to speak up. If you see something wrong, do not hesitate to let me know. In your company, hand-in-hand, hopefully we all can get something out of this.


Anonymous said...

Very well written.

I have been following your posts for a while and will continue do so. I will try to contribute as well, but given my limited experence with investment, I am not confident. The lest I can promise is that I will read all your posts.

coke said...

Thanks. Practice makes perfect.
I am sure you will find more confidence the more you write about your thoughts and you are very likely not giving yourself enough credits

deryk said...

+U+U ~ ~ ~

Anonymous said...

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