Thursday, April 14, 2011

Foreign Currency Reserves and Inflation Soared in China

From Reuters,
China's foreign exchange reserves soared to a record of more than $3 trillion by end-March, while its money supply growth blew past forecasts, threatening to aggravate the nation's inflation woes and trigger more policy tightening.

Chinese banks extended 679.4 billion yuan ($104 billion) in new local currency loans in March, while the broad M2 measure of money supply rose 16.6 percent from a year earlier, both above market expectations.

Tapping the brakes on money and lending growth has been a crucial part of Beijing's campaign to rein in inflation, which probably hit a 32-month high of 5.4 percent in the year to March, according to local media reports.

After making progress at the start of the year in mopping up excess cash, the People's Bank of China appeared to lose some ground in March.

"The latest numbers show that it is still too early for China to ease monetary tightening. China still needs to keep tightening policy at the current pace in coming months," said Qu Hongbin, chief China economist with HSBC...................................................
China has raised benchmark interest rates four times since last October and has required the country's big banks to lock up a record high of 20.0 percent of their deposits as reserves.

Economists polled by Reuters last week said that China was heading for a pause in its half-year cycle of monetary tightening, forecasting that it would raise interest rates just once more this year.

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