Thursday, May 26, 2011

Initial Unemployment Claims Data Are Not Upbeat

From Wall Street Journal
Initial jobless claims rose 10,000 in the May 21 week to a 424,000 level that's 20,000 higher than expected. Revision to the May 14 week is also a negative, up 5,000 to 414,000. The Labor Department isn't citing any weather or auto-related factors for the results. The four-week average of 438,500 is nearly 30,000 higher than a month ago in a comparison that points to trouble for the May employment report. Even the four-week average for continuing claims is higher, at 3.742 million in data for the May 14 week vs 3.702 million in mid April. [Click on the diagram to see a larger view]

In the meantime, GDP was not revised as hoped.

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