Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baltic Dry Bulk Index Rising Tide?

In a previous post "Dry Bulk Shipping Ready to Sail", COSCO analyst cited a few reasons to be optimistic in the sector by the end of this year. In the mean time, the once-popular Baltic Dry Bulk Index (BDI) has bulked weeks of downward trend since late September. Is this just a coincidence or it is indeed a year end party for stocks like DRYS, DSX, NM, etc?

Below is a snapshot of the BDI in the last month:

 Oct 07, 2009  2546.00
 Oct 06, 2009  2441.00
 Oct 05, 2009  2362.00
 Oct 02, 2009  2357.00
 Oct 01, 2009  2284.00
 Sep 30, 2009  2220.00
 Sep 29, 2009  2185.00
 Sep 28, 2009  2192.00
 Sep 25, 2009  2183.00
 Sep 24, 2009  2163.00
 Sep 23, 2009  2175.00
 Sep 22, 2009  2246.00
 Sep 21, 2009  2318.00
 Sep 18, 2009  2356.00
 Sep 17, 2009  2390.00
 Sep 16, 2009  2415.00
 Sep 15, 2009  2431.00
 Sep 14, 2009  2450.00
 Sep 11, 2009  2468.00
 Sep 09, 2009  2491.00
 Sep 08, 2009  2462.00
 Sep 07, 2009  2429.00

Disclaimer: Stocks/financial instruments mentioned in this blog are not to be taken as investment advice/recommendation. Readers must consult their own financial advisors and/or consider their own risk/reward profile before making investment/trading decisions. The blog author is not liable for any investment/trading decisions of readers should readers decide to base the decisions on information provided by the blog.

Disclosure: The blog author owns DRYS in her personal account as of October 7,2009

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